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A traveller himself, Mukul Chawla knows the perils and perks that befalls the free-spirited.

Therefore, his dream is to make a traveller’s experience an unforgettable one for all the right reasons.

Ensuring that every traveller has a boatload of sweet-smelling memories, he planned to craft unique fragrances/concepts of hotels inspired from all around India.

That’s why all formulations and design are done keeping the guest experience in mind.


Our notion is - Nature nurtures...At Votivemotive, we leverage nature’s best for you in a new manner for a novel experience that will leave you feeling one with nature. Harnessing the best natural products that are paraben-free and locally grown, we aim to nurture a newfound love in you for the environment and all that it has to offer us for a sustainable and promising future. That’s why everything we do is inspired by nature and its ability to nurture us.


For a luxurious experience that lasts, our products are carefully formulated using rare ingredients that are procured from the choicest farms. And the best thing is…although made from rare sources, our products are available to all. Unravelling nature’s secret around the world in these decadent bundles, VotiveMotive has always been about offering the best, always,


Valuing the Indian tradition of treating guests like Gods, we are here to make our mark in the
hospitality and tourism industry. And to compete with Global brands, we are always evolving to
carve purely luxurious and relaxing experiences for travellers all over. Answering the call to
serve whole-heartedly and support wellness, we are led by quality above everything else.


In sustainable manufacturing we are creating products through an eco-friendly process by using natural resources. It helps in minimising negative impacts on the environment. And all products manufactured are non-polluting and from natural resources and ensure safety of employers & consumers.


Votive Motive is a family owned and operated enterprise with a manufacturing facility at Bahadurgarh, where we craft the best of products that our hotels and their guests need. The votive motive family is run on trust and partnership where our clients and employees are co-owners with us in preserving and promoting the heritage and habitat handed down to us. Come partner with us!